Kitchen & Bathrooms

Often the heart of a home, how a kitchen looks and functions can have a huge overall affect on people’s enjoyment of their homes.

Whether your kitchen is compact or family sized, Can Do will hep you make the very best of the space that you have, ensuring that the end result is practical, comfortable and with the look and finish that you desire.

We can fit and install new kitchens or make improvements and adjustments to the one you already have – we are happy to take a look and see what’s possible.

Bathrooms are also key rooms within a home, both family and ensuites. Space is often an issue but Can Do can transform your smallest rooms into sleek functional spaces or relaxing havens of tranquillity – whatever is right for you.

And we don’t just stop at kitchens and bathroom, whatever room in your house needs attention, be it a bedroom, study, playroom or utility room, we can help with all aspects of maintenance or improvement.

And remember, as with all projects, Can Do completes a job from start to finish – we don’t just install and kitchen kitchens and bathrooms, we complete all necessary electrics, tiling, plumbing and decorating – whatever is needed to finish the job!

Steve can do anything – fitted a complete bathroom from bare brick, flooring, plumbing, electrical, restoration on two doors and to an excellent standard, he's really reliable and trustworthy and charges a very fair prices for his work. I highly recommend him.
Mick Bowman, Throckley